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Featuring the patented Fernblock extract (Polypodium leucotomos), HelioCare’s range oral and topical photoimmunoprotective products provide the most advanced photoprotection on the market.

The source of HelioCare’s potency is a Central American fern that, during its adaptation from life in water to life on land, developed a natural mechanism to protect itself from sun radiation.  Co-developed by Harvard researchers and backed by over 12 years of published clinical studies, the Fernblock extract is the basis of HelioCare’s uniquely comprehensive sun protection.

HelioCare provides:

  • Antioxidant protection against photoaging
  • Immunological protection to protect the skin’s natural defense system
  • Inhibition of thymine dimers for Cellular DNA protection
  • Protection against erythema (burn)
  • Prevention against premature aging including pigmentation, laxity and skin texture

HelioCare is a vailable in topical and oral formulations. The brand’s unique photoimmunprotective abilities can be used for periods of intense sunlight exposure as well as daily protection against the effects of the ultraviolet radiation.

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