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The 75th Annual American Academy of Dermatology

Featuring the patented SCA technology, Endocare provides advanced skin regeneration and repair.

SCA is a natural secretion derived from the mollusc Cryptomphalus aspersa obtained through a carefully controlled pharmacological process. A natural source of complex of proteic factors, SCA has been shown to have a strong regenerative effect on skin damaged by photaging, radiation or dermatological treatments.

SCA is formulated under the EndoCare and Tensage brands and is ideal for use post-laser treatment and as part of a daily anti-aging regimen.  Specifically, SCA has been shown to stimulate the biochemical, structural and functional processes of the skin, including:

  • Fibroblast proliferation
  • Assembly of extracellular matrix
  • Collagenase activity
  • Antioxidant activity


The elegant Endocare and Tensage formulations are distinguished by a biorepair index, indicating their regenerative potency. Available for full-face, body, eyes and lips, the SCA range of products combine cosmetic appeal and efficacy for noticeably younger, healthier skin.